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Premium Luff Tape was originated in 1978 as Cruising design group.  We have grown quite a bit since then. Premium Luff Tape was acquired from Lea Nation, the first owner, in July of 1999. Since it has been owned and operated by Jeffrey Papps, it has added new products and expanded its service.

We have carefully maintained the quality of our products. Our sail cloth is set to the highest standards of first quality cloth. You will find our materials are made of the same or higher standards that you use in your full panel cloth. We never use end lots or selvedges. All of our products are made and constructed in the USA.

We made one improvement this year, in using cordage for our secondary rope, instead of plastic welting. This improvement offers a higher tensile strength while offering a better looking finished product, at no increased cost to the sail maker. In fact we have not raised our prices in five years.

In buying your roped tape needs from Premium Luff Tape, you will find the highest quality product, at the lowest cost available. We stand behind our product, and feel confident that our customers will be proud to have this as part of their high quality sails.

Our tapes have been used in all of the major racing circuits from the Rolex Cup to the Americas Cup. We ship internationally and can offer most any of your tape needs.

As we move forward in the new millennium, we are still able to maintain our standards and prices, with hopes of that continuing for a long time to come.

Beware, there is competition out there that would like to use our name for their gains, but there is only one Premium Luff Tape. Our motto is “Quality Without Compromise”. We’re sure you’ll find it’s true.

All Sail Tape used to manufacture our Luff Tape and Bolt Rope is supplied by the J.D.P Company